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Oct 5, 2012 . Alan takes his 50 BMG back to the range to fire off some Raphos Rounds. Identified by . Raufoss Ammo The Raufoss . A Field Guide to Gun Shop Sales Men: Beware of the Douchebagby Colion NoirFeatured172,549 · 1:13

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30-06 INCENDIARY 5-PACK - $20.00 : GUNSHOWGOODS!, Your ...

Oct 13, 2012 . Survival (5) Vests (1) Wanted To BUY (4) . Super Incendiary (Raufoss) ammunition was originally developed for warfare. The intent . These rounds have a chemical mixture that is very similar to the 50 cal. Raufoss with the .

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Mark 211 .50-caliber Multipurpose Ammunition -

Jul 7, 2011 . The Raufoss Multipurpose (armor-piercing, explosive, incendiary) . The MP concept provides cost-effective ammunition against a wide range .

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Raufoss .50 BMG explosive rounds (Gale McMillan) - Yarchive

Hi folks, # # # # Could anybody give me some info on Raufoss ammunition for the .50BMG? # # I remember reading something about it but forgot where and .

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Jan 12, 2000 . The ammunition can be used in all standard 12,7 mm (.50 cal) . from the Norwegian Defence Forces for a more cost effective ammunition for .

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50 BMG Ammo Supply - 50 cal Ammunition for the rifle and ...

50 caliber BMG Ammunition for rifles and the Browning M2 machinegun. New and surplus 50 cal ammo. API, APIT, FMJ, Tracer and more.

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VPC - Sitting Ducks - Section One

The .50 BMG roundb fired by 50 caliber sniper rifles can knock down hovering . Mark V. Lonsdale calls "a cost effective way to engage the enemy's high-tech equipment, . The crown jewel of 50 caliber sniper rifle ammunition is the Raufoss .

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.50 BMG for sniping - Sniper Central

Just the mention of a .50 cal sniper rifle conjures up the imagination of . you consider the cost, size and weight (usually over 30 lbs) of the rifle as well as the ammo, . There are other specialized rounds such as the Raufoss and Depleted  .

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50 CAL. BMG : Ammo To Go

Ammo To Go : 50 CAL. BMG. . Super Incendiary (Raufoss) · Tracer Ammo · SS109 Incendiary Ammo . Product Name, Price, Buy Now. 10rds - 50 BMG Federal .

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ARMSLIST - For Sale: 50 Cal MK211 Raufoss Rounds

23 hours ago . The Raufoss Mk 211 is a .50 caliber (12.7×99mm NATO) multipurpose anti- matériel projectile produced by Nammo (Nordic Ammunition Group, .

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VPC - Voting From the Rooftops - Section One

This section explains why the .50BMG round can slice through body armor like a knife . Apologists for the unrestricted sale of 50 caliber sniper rifles to civilians often . The crown jewel of 50 caliber sniper rifle ammunition is the Raufoss .

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